THOR StandingTeam THOR (Tactical Hazardous Operations Robot) is a collaboration between two research laboratories: RoMeLa at UCLA and GRASP at UPenn. Team THOR is developing THOR-RD (Rapid Deployment), an advanced humanoid robot designed for disaster relief scenarios.  A combination of sensors and advanced mechanical design helps THOR-RD to respond optimally to a variety of demanding conditions. The sensor and software package allows THOR-RD to create a virtual environment of its unknown surroundings in order to calculate a safe and efficient path to mitigate the situation. THOR-RD’s humanoid form is ideal for the human centric environments encountered in disaster areas. This form also allows for the use of human tools and mechanisms to aid in the completion of the objective at hand. Team THOR is one of the six Track A teams funded by DARPA for the DRC.

Result from DRC 2013 Trials:
TEAM THOR scored 8 points in the DRC Trials, making it to the list of top 8 teams that qualified for the DRC competition. Team THOR also received the Best in Task Award for the valve task.